Plexus Journal day 4


I really meant to do a little more documentation, but I got carried away painting.
Today’s Vitals:
weight 242
Basal Temp 97.2
RHR – 90
FBG – 152

I drank an alcoholic drink yesterday at dinner out – and half of another that I was handed. This could be the reason for the high FBG, and the resting heart rate could be the result of the elevated FBG, causing increased HR.

Comments on the Products effects:
Since taking Plexus Slim, I have turned the corner with the excessive sleep.

Since I didn’t write this up daily, here is a recap of the last four days:

On July 9, I was so sleepy, I fell asleep, slept through multiple alarms set, and even had to be awakened by my friend using the spare key, and coming into my bedroom to wake me up to go to my doctor’s appointment!
On July 10, first day with Plexus – I set up my outdoor studio, and painted…and didn’t take any nap. At all.

My Outdoor Studio

My Outdoor Studio

I can tell that the BioCleanse is working, if you know what I mean. Some people would say that I’m full of poo…but, since taking BioCleanse – I’m much less full!

And, I don’t really know about the BioPro5 – that will take time.

One thing I just realized this morning, as I looked at my ‘have to take it’ natural anti inflammatories – FYI Ultra and Zyflamend Whole Body, I had forgotten to take them as I started Plexus. Actually, I had decided to forgo all of my supplements, to see how Plexus Products worked – and not to allow cross reactions.
What does this mean?
Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – I had to have friends drive me to doctor’s appointments because I was so tired that I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be able to stay awake to drive.
I only walked Gabriel about 100 feet – and that was just because he refuses to pee and poo in our area!

Thursday,July 10 I set up my outdoor studio…which entailed moving stuff from inside my RV out – several trips up and down, up and down, up and down 4 metal steps – not too mention the carrying of things!
I took Gabriel for several .2 mile walks!
I took down my outdoor studio, because of Florida Afternoon Storms.
Even though I was tired and achy…NO NAPS!

July 11, Friday morning – I work up, on my own, at 6am.
I had a Bible Study with a friend in the Phillipines.
Then, I set up my outdoor studio.
I painted –
I went to the store with a friend, AND I DROVE!
I took down my outdoor studio.
I walked Gabriel multiple .2 mile walks.
I was surprised my hubby’s early return home…but stayed up, visiting, and was achy, tired, but not in an FMS flare!
I asked Jim for some ice cream.
This is NEVER a good idea – but, I was in the middle of a Fibro Flare…and I wanted to see what would happen(since my old habits were to feed the pain, to dull it with endorphins).
I ate the ice cream. Good quality ice cream.
and I don’t want the rest of the container!

July 12, Saturday morning.
I woke up early – around 5:30 AM, and had an online Bible Discussion with another friend!
Then, I wrote the blog!Does God Hear Me?
I showered, and dressed nice for Jim – and we took Gabriel to the vet for a vaccine visit.
We drove…and drove…and drove, exploring!
And, we got home after noon, and I set up my outdoor studio.
THIS is unusual.
I normally have to take naps after our ‘run and find out’ drives.
THIS time, I set up my outdoor studio…AND PAINTED FOR ABOUT 3 HOURS!
That is me at the top, caught off guard by my hubby – painting!

Oh – outdoor studio – minimum temp is 90 degrees.
I have never been able to be out in the heat long enough to do anything without my electrolytes crashing.
They had not crashed until this day…I went two days without supplementing electrolytes!

Downside of forgetting my anti-inflammatory supplements?
After the drive AND painting outside – I had a fibro flare.
Had to lay on the floor, with ice on my neck and a small pillow under my bum to realign my spine.

The upside realization?
I DIDN’T TAKE ANY PAIN MEDS for those three days!!!
I had not taken pain meds since I got up and stared to do things!
The supplements have helped me to avoid the liver and kidney damaging Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.
Without the natural supplements – I was taking a minimum of 600 Ibuprofen every four hours to maintain lowered inflammatory swelling, and pain.
Without those supplements, if I didn’t want to take the NSAIDS, I had to not do anything! At All! And stay inside away from the heat!
For THREE DAYS, I was out IN THE HEAT, doing things that normally caused pain and inflammation…and it didn’t!
I took my natural supplements – and, no painful cramps or cramping kept me awake. I don’t remember ANY painful cramps or cramping!

Sunday, July 13, Again, I woke up early, and did some Bible Study.
Jim and I had an intense conversation, and we canooddled.
Now, this is very difficult to talk about – because it’s so private…but I had energy to canoodle!
It did not knock me out for the day!
and I was not overcome with pain.
We went out to dinner with friends -this is where I ate the bread and drank a Blackberry Hooch Moonshine Cocktail. (It was delicious!)

Getting home, all I wanted was watermelon to help cleanse my body!
I did not want ANY of the ice cream!
I thought about the seagrams escapes(like a beer) – Jim handed me one, it tasted good – but I just didn’t want it!

I did get the sleepies early, but, as I said above, and with my stats…I had 1 1/2 alcoholic drinks…those would effect my blood sugars, and I ate some bread – grains make me sleepy.

I have added melatonin back to my sleep practice – but it never worked this well! I slept like a baby!

Now, we are up to today:
Monday, July 14
I woke up this morning wanting to document this process.
My weight today is 242.2
I’m not happy with that – but, like I said – yesterday’s intake wasn’t exactly weight loss friendly!

Today – I am going to start taking notes of my food intake on MFP.
Today – I am starting the fitbit for steps again.
Today – I am taking my life, my health back.

Workout:updated at the end of the day
counter pushups – 40

I pray that this will help!

In His hands and Under His wings,

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

If you are interested in more info,
Christine Wildman, Plexus Website

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2 Responses to Plexus Journal day 4

  1. busymomof10 says:

    I am so glad you are journaling this! This is so interesting! I can’t wait to see how this story ends up! :). One suggestion – as soon as you can get some of the Fast Relief capsules and cream! That will help so much with the pain! My DIL’s mom cannot believe the difference it is making for her! 🙂

    • christartist says:

      I can’t take the fast relief because of the shellfish – but I hope to try some on Jim…;-)
      It sounds like an amazing product!


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