Plexus Journal day 7 – This will now say HEALTH Journal

While I’m documenting this to see if I am convinced with the efficacy of Plexus products, I am also continuing to utilize some other products and techniques to regain my health. Regain – I cannot remember a time when I was ‘healthy’.

Thursday, July 17, 2014
fbg 121
temp 96.8
rhr 76

yesterday, I walked .85 mile…and my knee started giving out.
By the evening…the right leg was giving out.
This would have nothing to do with my supplementation…but it does have to do with my continued walking.

I also need to report that I am drinking Alkaviva ionized and alkaline water. This water has shown an amazing ability to keep my lymph glands from swelling – me from retaining water – and thereby eliminating the pain that goes with those symptoms.

One of the things that folks say about Plexus Slim is that it helps them with cravings.
I just went to Bob Evans, and chose a salad because it looked good – instead of the ‘healthy’ breakfast with multigrain cranberry hotcakes.
As I was looking at the healthy breakfast with the hotcakes – I just felt inside that I did not want the hotcakes…I don’t want the effect that grain has on my system.


In addition – because of my decision on the hotcakes, I had to make a choice of salads. Often, if I am TRYING to limit grains, I choose the spinach salad, because there is no offering of special bread.
Today, I chose the Cranberry Pecan Salad, without the blue cheese(limiting dairy…oh how I love dairy), and before I even got to the bread, I asked my friend Beth about bread to take home for her husband, and we settled on bread for another friend’s husband’s lunch. Done. no bread! no cheese.

What is new? I’ve done this before on a Whole30 protocol, and on a sugar cleanse protocol. So, those who have watched me go through this health thing might wonder…so what…she’s done this before.
What’s new? the lack of struggle!!!!
And, I didn’t even want the bread!
Or those hotcakes!

If this is from the Plexus Slim – if the ingredients in this simple drink are helping me to not want things that are not good for my body…I’ll take it. My liver will thank me. My kidneys will thank me. My lungs and throat will thank me. Eventually, maybe I will thank me.

No real exercise today…rain…spotty rain…so, I can’t go to the pool…and my knee is not interested in going for a walk.

I pray that this will help!

In His hands and Under His wings,

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

If you are interested in more info,
Christine Wildman, Plexus Website

For information on the water I live by:

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4 Responses to Plexus Journal day 7 – This will now say HEALTH Journal

  1. Denise Blankschen says:

    Christi, I have to say it is the plexus i have been taking it for 3 months and so has my husband and our grocery bill has shrunk in half and we don’t have the desire to munch. I even ended up not drinking coffee not sure why but no real desire for it. Only when i am cold and then just to warm up. My mother has arthritis and started using the fast relief cream and she says her pain goes away within 30 seconds. I have been having problems with my knees and started the plexus fast relief pills and my knees are so much better. I think you will find a lot of good results with Plexus products.

    • christartist says:

      I am so happy to hear of your successes! What a great testimony!
      Unfortunately, I cannot use the Fast Relief cream because of the shellfish origins.
      The great thing about this company? THEY MAKE THAT VERY PLAIN! I have had other companies that hid that fact…and I have gotten very sick with the consumption!
      This has been a huge relief to me – though I am so sad that I cannot try this product.
      Maybe Jim can try it for after workouts!
      I pray that your mother continues to grow strong…and that you continue to have healing in your knees!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I finally got on! This is very interesting to read! Please tag me each day when you update so indent miss it!

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